4 tips on how to raise money fast and pay off debts

Creating Money-Saving Habits is Easier Than You Think! With a little discipline and good financial planning, you can save money and be able to finance that dream or ensure your financial independence. Below are some tips on how to raise money fast and start saving now!

Create habit by setting goals


Gathering money is a habit and needs to be treated as such. We don’t create habits overnight, so set goals and offer a prize for each one that is fulfilled.

For example, if your dream is to buy a car, divide its value by the number of months you want to earn it, and see how much you should save each month to get there. Every month you reach your value, give yourself a small gift, like a trip to the movies or a restaurant you like.

So as you reach your goals, you are also cultivating the habit of saving and making it part of your routine.

Use an automatic finance manager


But how can you save that value? Many find it impossible, but the truth is that lack of financial control undermines our view of our finances, making us think that all the spending we have is necessary. Did you know that people who control their finances can improve their financial health by 14% in the first month alone? This is what shows a survey with users of the GuideBayment.

Using technology to your advantage is another tip. If you have manual spreadsheets, using an automatic app for financial control, such as olsoBank Guide, you can easily help all your spending in the month by sorting them by category. so you will be able to view gaps to save more easily.

It is possible, for example, to see that some of our necessary expenses such as mobile phone bill, cable TV package and out-of-home food can be exchanged for a cheaper plan that offers less benefits, a package with fewer channels or even more home-prepared snacks and dinners.

Have control over your debts


At this point, an app for financial control also helps you see how much debt you have, making it easy to control so that this problem doesn’t end up snowballing.

In order for you to become a savior, it is important that you eliminate debts by giving priority to those with higher interest rates such as credit card and overdraft. If you’re wrapped up in expensive arrangements, consider getting an attractive personal loan like Just’s , paying off your debts and paying less interest.

These two should only be used as a last resort because they are the biggest enemies of those who want to spare because they give the false impression that we are not creating doubt but spending on our own. money.

Choose the best way to save your money.

Choose the best way to save your money.

Gone are the days when saving money saved the amount under the mattress! Nowadays, there are cost-effective ways to save the value saved and maybe even make the cake grow. This way, you can also protect money from inflation and avoid the temptation to spend it ahead of time.

The savings account is a great option for those who want to save the amount for a short time, as it has low yield. For those who will save longer, resorting to a private pension plan or direct treasury bonds can ensure greater profitability.

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