10 Best Tutorial Characters In Games, Ranked

It’s hard to find a player who views the tutorials with anything other than pure venom. The tutorials are often the least favorite part of any title, often criticized for being “hand held” and taking players away from the actual fun parts. However, since every game has the possibility of being someone’s first, a little explanation is warranted and accommodating for those new to the medium.

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However, tutorials don’t always have to be tedious work. Talented developers can integrate the explanations seamlessly into the game world. Moreover, some game gurus and guides are so entertaining that they are worth going through a series of explanations just to enjoy their company.

ten Sir Dan is slowly earning the respect of the MediEvil Gargoyles

Falsely hailed as a fallen hero, Sir Daniel Fortesque is resurrected and given a chance to redeem himself for his dastardly end in PlayStation’s quirky adventure MediEvil. In his quest to stop the evil wizard Zarok, Dan is aided by the benevolent gargoyles who offer game advice and make sarcastic remarks towards the would-be hero.

At first, they don’t even give him the dignity of addressing him by name, referring to him as “that”. However, as the player progresses and collects the chalices, they slowly begin to respect the slain knight and even welcome them into the hall of heroes.

platinum games Crazy world was an interesting beat ’em up on the Nintendo Wii that adopted a monochromatic color scheme and lots of over-the-top bloodshed. As Jack Cayman, players used everything that wasn’t nailed to the walls to deliver a suitably ostentatious ending to Deathwatch’s many game show contestants.

Howard “Buckshot” Holmes and Kreese Kreely provided color commentary, occasional game advice, and constant profanity. With their natural chemistry, solid voice work, and genuinely funny banter, the two helped to heighten the game’s exploitative and darkly satirical atmosphere.

8 Bruce Campbell delivers hints and lines in the Spider-Man games

Since his first film diabolical death, Bruce Campbell is a longtime collaborator of filmmaker Sam Raimi. The man always brought the perfect amount of charisma, comedic timing, and sheer presence to every part given to him. While developing Activision’s tie-in games, someone had the brilliant idea of ​​having him narrate the tutorials.

The result is one of the most fun and ironic training levels players will ever encounter. During the fighting portion of the tutorial, Bruce directly tells the player that he’s going to have a ham sandwich while they beat up goons.

seven Glados Players How To Think With Portals

The AI ​​computer in Gate serves as both the instructor and the game’s villain. Throughout the game, she makes several clumsy attempts to manipulate Chell with candy promises and a metal box with a heart painted on it called the “companion cube”. It’s very clear that she’s trying to play with the player, but she doesn’t quite understand the nuances of human emotion.

In the Co-op campaign for Portal 2, she serves as an instructor for the two player-controlled robots. She constantly tries to turn them against each other, making occasional sarcastic remarks to one player while validating the other.

6 Birdy Scarecrow Teaches Players How To Press B On Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Conker’s Bad Fur Day was a delightfully raunchy satire of the cartoon mascot platforms that saturated the market. The start of the game sees the squirrel suffering from a particularly nasty hangover in unfamiliar surroundings. Players stagger towards a silly but helpful scarecrow that continues to teach players the game’s contextual mechanics.

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He reappears in the game to teach players the concept of shooting in exchange for “mepsipax”, or anthropomorphic money that Conker has accumulated. However, after the transaction, Silver decides it is more comfortable in Conker’s pockets.

5 Smiling Jack gives players the time of their afterlife in Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines

In Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines, players wake up in a daze to find they’ve been transformed into a nosferatu. It’s here that they meet the cackling undead biker who goes by the nickname Smiling Jack. Seemingly out of altruism, he decides to teach the player the tricks of the trade and help him adjust to his new way of life.

Several vampiric factions vie for power over Los Angeles, with Jack being the leader of a legion of rebellious young vampires known as the Anarch Revolt. No matter which path the player takes, Jack is always friendly and friendly.

In each of the tactical spy missions in the Metal Gear series, Snake and all other playable protagonists are always aided by their support team. Each member specializes in a specific topic with Otacon offering technical advice, Master Miller giving survival tips, and Mei Ling saving Snake’s game and providing quotes from famous philosophers.

Characters are constantly breaking the fourth wall, referring to controller buttons, TV volume, and advising players to be prepared to sit in front of the screen for a long time, because “you never know when a long demo is on the way. to begin.”

3 Players can uncover the Camp Counselors hidden trauma in Psychonauts

In Psychonauts, players take on the role of Razputin and delve into the minds of misfits and monsters. However, before players can reach the truly creative minds, they must learn the ropes from the eccentric counselors who run Camp Whispering Rock.

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Each level is a literal window into their minds with hidden dark secrets that will most likely be missed on the first playthrough. Each mind contains memory vaults that house still images of pivotal moments in their lives. If players think outside the box at Mila Vodello’s dance party, they’ll find a particularly painful memory.

2 Harman’s visions in Killer7 add to the game’s idiosyncratic vibe

Suda 51’s killer7 was a polarizing mix of graphic adventure, rail shooter, and survival horror that challenged convention and introduced gamers to an eclectic cast of oddballs. Players took on the role of hitman Harman Smith and his many multiple personalities.

Throughout the game, each assassin is assisted by visions of characters like the servant Vincel Dill Boris VII Iwazarusco (or Iwazaru for short.) They are the only characters in the game who eschew traditional voice acting for Banjo Kazooiegibberish that adds to the mystique of their cryptic but helpful advice.

1 Undertale’s Toriel Can’t Stand To See Players Get Hurt

Toriel of Subtitle is the first non-hostile character the player encounters in the Underground Ruins. After saving them from harm, she teaches players how to navigate the world, solve puzzles, and deal with enemies. His name, his tendency to solve the player’s problems and even to literally hold his hand serves as a satire of game tutorials that treat players like ignorant children who need to be pampered.

However, this is justified in the game’s narrative as she genuinely cares about the player character and cannot stand to see them suffer the same fate as the children who came before her.

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