10 Hardest Games To Beat, According To Reddit

Although almost all video games challenge players to some degree, some games are notorious for being extremely difficult. Of all games, these titles tend to give players the strongest emotions that range from searing frustration during tough segments to overwhelming elation when those parts are overcome.

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Since the fun of these games comes from the adrenaline of the struggle and the pride of accomplishment, many gamers enjoy these challenging experiences. For those fans of the genre, Redditors have shared their opinions on the hardest games to beat.


Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

The main promotional image for Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 (FF5)

Since the 2003 game Fire Emblem: The Burning Blade, which is the seventh principal installment of the fire emblem franchise, game titles have been regularly localized. But, the first games of the fire emblem are among many great Japanese games that have never received an official English translation. One of those previous titles is the Super Famicom game from 1999. Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, which is the fifth installment.

Although Fire Emblem: New Emblem Mystery can have the hardest difficulty mode, which is called “Lunatic Reverse Mode”, Thrace 776 is arguably the hardest overall. 4ny3ody explains that “while Thrace“Paragon Mode” gives you double EXP, this game demands more than just combat prowess from your characters, as the cards tend to have quite a variety of purposes.”

Shinobi (2002)

The main character, Hotsuma, at the start of the first stage of the 2002 PS2 game Shinobi

Since the late 1980s, the shinobi series has been a beloved Sega franchise, but the 2002 PS2 installment, is best known for its extreme difficulty. The game follows a shinobi master from the Oboro clan named Hotsuma who wields a special sword, Akujiki, and must defeat a powerful wizard Hiruko.

Because Akujiki drains player health and the enemies are brutal, many people consider this game to be one of the hardest games they have ever played. caseythebuffalo even wrote: “When people complain about dark souls being hard, I always think back to [Shinobi].”

Kaizo Mario World

Mario dying in Kaizo Mario World

Created from 2007 to 2012, Kaizo Mario World is a series of three SNES game ROM hacks Super Mario World, which were made by Japanese ROM hacker T. Takemoto for his friend R. Kiba. These hacks are infamous for their “unfair” trappings such as invisible blocks, fast-paced levels, goal post traps, enemy-based puzzles, and more.

Although the hacks were made specifically for one person, they became popular after YouTubers uploaded videos of them playing the game, and now the term “Kaizo” is often used to refer to extremely difficult platforms. After mytwodogs beat the original, they revealed that it took them “13 weeks, playing two hours a night, for a total of 182 hours to do so”.

Touhou Project Franchise

A girl with purple hair sits on the ground in Touhou Kaikidan.

From PC-98, Touhou Project is a popular shooter game series that primarily focuses on a shrine maiden named Reimu Hakurei as she solves various supernatural mysteries in a land filled with both humans and yokai called Gensokyo. In addition to having a strong fan base, the series stands out for creating the “Bullet Hell” genre.

As the genre name suggests, players must guide Reimu and other characters through waves of bullets by precisely moving between them. WeeziMonkey says that the Touhou games “do dark souls as easy as child’s play.”

The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth video games splash screen

Originally created as a 2011 Flash game and later remade in 2014, The Binding of Isaac is a popular roguelike that revitalized the genre. The game follows a young boy named Isaac who flees to his monster-filled basement after his mother is ordered to kill him as proof of her faith in God. As Isaac or several other characters, the player must traverse procedurally generated dungeons, collect items, and defeat enemies.

Due to the game’s high difficulty and in-depth gameplay, players can spend many hours and play in the game without completely beating it. UltraLegoGamer reveals this struggle by saying, “I have about 135 hours to The Binding of Isaacand I still haven’t unlocked a few characters and I need to do a lot of character completions and challenges and other item unlocks.”

hollow knight

A player makes a lightning attack on a monster in Hollow Knight

While most good metroidvanias usually have some level of difficulty, hollow knight is particularly known for its challenging platforming, enemies, and boss fights. As the silent, insect-like protagonist known as the Knight, the player must explore an ancient underground kingdom named Hallownest and defeat various bosses in order to solve a mysterious disease, “The Infection”.

Although not a roguelike, the game is similar to The Binding of Isaac as its longevity is largely due to the large amount of in-game detailed content and challenging boss fights. Twilo101 laments the fact that they may never reach 112% of the game and says: “Being the finalist that I am in games, Radiance was manageable, NKG stomped me into a f***** wall *, and the 3rd Pantheon just said no before locking me out of the game completely.”

Megaman Franchise

Mega Man on the cover of one of his comics

Since 1987, mega man was one of Capcom’s main franchises. Although the games are set in different times and even different universes, they all center on a blue humanoid robot named Mega Man who fights enemies using a cannon attached to his arm called “Mega Buster”. . Although the series has over fifty games that span many different consoles and genres, they are all generally well known for their intense difficulty.

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For example, DerRoger consider the original NES mega man games as being the most difficult and said that, “In my opinion, they are even more difficult than the soulsborne games.” Meanwhile, Alexlun I couldn’t believe how hard it was Mega Man Zero is and wrote, “I had a background in dark souls 3 and transmitted by blood (completed a lot of insane challenges in those games) and I still remember being stuck with the first boss for about two hours before giving up and watching a tutorial online.”

Ghosts and Goblins

A screenshot from the retro video game Ghosts 'n Goblins.

Even if the Ghosts and Goblins The franchise has plenty of great and challenging games, none of which have been able to achieve the same level of infamy as the 1985 original. Ghosts and goblins. In this game, players control a knight named Sir Arthur as he tries to save Princess Prin-Prin from the king of the demonic world.

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Due to the large number of enemies, with Sir Arthur only being able to withstand two hits, and the fact that players have to beat the game twice, some consider the retro title to be one of the toughest games. Whenever ninjaromeo struggle with a hard game, they say to themselves, “I beat Ghosts and goblinsand I can beat that too.”

transmitted by blood

The main promotional image for the game Bloodborne

Released in 2015 and considered by some to be one of the greatest video games ever made, transmitted by blood is an Action RPG created by FromSoftware who also did the same souls series. As a hunter in an ancient gothic city called Yharnam, the player attempts to uncover the mysteries behind the city and a blood-borne disease while battling various creatures.

Unlike the other souls Games, transmitted by blood looks deceptively easy enough at first, but the challenges in the second half of the game and DLCs are arguably harder than any of the challenges in the game. souls Games. DestinyUniverse1 agree and say “transmitted by blood starts out pretty easy and gets extremely annoying and hard towards the end.”

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Promo art of FromSoft's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice main character.

Before 2019, FromSoftware’s players soulsborne games thought they already knew how difficult the developer’s games could be. But, after the release of the award-winning action-adventure game Sekiro: Shadows die twice, players learned that FromSoft had been holding back all this time.

The game follows a powerful shinobi named “Wolf” who sets out on a journey to save his lord, Kuro, and exact revenge on his captor Genichiro. With a steep learning curve and tough battles from the start, awggy echoes everyone’s experience with the game by simply saying “Sekiro: Shadows Die Way More Than Twice”.

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