8 things we wish we knew before starting Relicta

Relicta is a first-person puzzle adventure game with a sci-fi twist. You’ll solve a plethora of intricate puzzles across a series of dynamic biomes as you uncover a gripping mystery. As this gravity-defying puzzle experience is on virtually every platform (and was even briefly free on the Epic Games Store), chances are you already have it in one of your game libraries.

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So if you plan to play what is by far one of the most addictive puzzle games on Steam, you might want to prepare yourself with some handy tips and tricks. Whether it’s understanding how certain game mechanics work or making the most of your brief time with the game, you will likely benefit greatly from heading to Relicta with the following tips.

8 It has a complex narrative

Relitca a futuristic door with the word

Relicta’s opening sequence feels a bit like a roller coaster. It starts you off at the climax of the story, in which the protagonist, Dr. Angelica Patel, is in grave peril. Then it takes you two years in the past for a tutorial before hurtling you back in time to just before the present. While its overarching narrative never strays too far into overly complex, its world-building coupled with its openness in time may leave some perplexed.

However, you should definitely stick with Relicta. Like any good mystery, Relicta holds back answers just long enough before sending them to you. It does a phenomenal job teasing bits of information while keeping you intrigued and wanting more. While there might be a sci-fi term here or there that remains unexplained, Relicta will eventually leak all of its secrets – for the most part. You just have to be a little patient.


seven There is a fairly long tutorial

Relicta a first person shooter of two gloved hands with a teleporter on each side containing a different colored symbol with a yellow door in the distance

Relicta introduces a number of unique and interesting puzzle mechanics to the genre, and that’s what sets it apart from its competition. However, as a result, there’s a fairly lengthy tutorial you’ll need to follow before the game really begins. Through a series of puzzles put together by brief moments of dialogue and story, you’ll learn the basics of the game’s mechanics. However, just when you feel like it’s over, the tutorial will restart at the as you discover even more game features.

Although it may seem irritating for those who just want to continue with the narrative, or for those who don’t like the tutorials at all, once it’s over you will have access to more complex and interesting puzzles that will challenge you. really challenging. It will also open up the story in a significant way, kicking off the most mysterious and exciting aspects the game has to offer. You just need to skim through those first few minutes before you can really get going.

6 Explore when you can

Relicta a wide shot of a laboratory full of multicolored flasks and test tubes with foliage contained behind glass in the distance

For the most part, Relicta is a linear experience. You’ll work your way through each level solving various physics-defying puzzles before you’re treated to more story. However, on the rare occasions when you manage to get off the beaten path, it is strongly encouraged. While Relicta’s locations come to life in stunning ways and feature surprising amounts of detail, there’s plenty to discover through exploration.

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The central area, Chandra’s base, is incredibly large and home to some of the most unique locations in the game. You’ll encounter labs filled with colorful flasks and working robots, rooms full of intricate detail, and hallways adorned with bright decorations. There are some really delicious places to discover, so it’s worth taking the time to explore them.

5 Use photo mode

Relicta a wide shot of a tropical location with a wooden cabin on the far right, a stone slab with the name Aegir Labs, and a blue door on the left

One of the biggest elements of Relicta is its phenomenal visuals. From start to finish, Relicta impresses with its stunning views and photorealistic imagery. Incredible graphics help bring the dynamic and creative sci-fi world of Relicta to life in a way that’s both believable and magical. So it’s a good thing that the game has a dedicated photo mode to satiate your desire for screenshots.

Whenever you stumble upon a stunning location or sweep your camera across rolling hills and cascading waterfalls, all you have to do to capture their beauty forever is enter Photo Mode. . Relicta’s photo mode is as comprehensive as expected and lets you take stunning screenshots.

4 Check your emails

Relicta a POV perspective of a futuristic tablet displaying an email filled with text on the right with other available emails and documents listed on the left

Checking email is not the most pleasant activity at the best of times. It can be dull and exhausting and certainly not something you’d expect to do in a story-driven puzzle adventure game. Well, get ready to do some light reading, because Relicta hides some of its more interesting lore behind emails.

Reading through the emails already available as well as any additional documents you may acquire through exploration, you will soon find yourself engrossed in the events of Chandra Base. You’ll read conversations between the various characters, scroll through documents about the experiments and the base itself, and learn a thing or two about what’s going on with the Relicta. If you don’t mind reading a little in video games, be sure to check your email from time to time.

3 Don’t let your boxes fly away

Relicta a first person perspective of two gloved hands looking at a box floating in the sky with a red and purple door below

Playing with gravity is one of the key gameplay elements of Relicta. It also happens to be the most fun. Each time you come across one of the game’s many cubes, you’ll be able to play with its gravity in order to see it go through doors and onto the correct pressure plate. However, if you’re not careful, these precious boxes may fly into the air.

Well, not completely. It will eventually stop and you will have to reactivate its gravity. However, if you manage to knock a box into a purple door (the kind that boxes inexplicably can’t go through), it will simply drift upwards until it hits an invisible wall. It’s a fun experience in itself, and quite enjoyable to watch. Of course, you’ll have to drop it at some point, but until then, let it float for a bit.

2 Be a cube and stand on a pressure plate

Relicta a POV shot of two gloved hands hovering over a snow covered plane surrounded by fences with a box covered in red and blue bubbles in the distance

To get past the ever-dreaded red doors, you’ll need to place cubes on pressure plates to activate a switch. Unfortunately, there are never enough cubes to use. It’s up to you to go through a series of puzzles in order to find another cube or two so you can finally leave and repeat the process again. However, if you thought you were done there, then you were wrong. To get the extra cube you need to advance, you will need to be a cube yourself. Yes, you read that right.

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As there seems to be a shortage of cubes in the world of Relicta, there will often be times when you have to act like a cube. There are many puzzles in which you will have to stand on a pressure plate before blasting a cube past a point where a purple door once stood. Then, once you free that cube, you can finally become the non-cube you know you are. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t always do a great job of explaining this feature. So if you find yourself stuck, maybe try being a cube.

1 There are collectibles to be found

Relicta a POV shot of a framed photo of Kira next to a keyboard with a computer screen to the left of the photo

Amidst a gripping narrative to immerse yourself in, stunning locations to explore, and a plethora of intricate puzzles to solve, there are various collectibles to find. Scattered across the various locations in the world of Relicta, these unique collectibles give you an interesting insight into the game world.

Discovering a collectible will place it in your Artifacts folder which you can access with the press of a button. As you walk through each one, you’ll get a feel for the item itself and the world at your fingertips. They are interesting to read and can really help flesh out your experience and immerse you deeper in lore and history.

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