Announcing a video game app for The Expanse series

When the official announcement was made in September 2018, Telltale, known for its action-packed interactive adaptations, would launch popular pop culture franchises such as the Walking Dead Where Game of Thrones ends, players and fans are shocked to say the least.

In the meantime, that’s in the past and Telltale’s game development is in full swing as the studio is in 2019 Acquired by LCG Entertainment Will be. In addition to taking on old projects, they are also busy with new ones. And one of them was just revealed at this year’s Game Awards: Expansion – Telltale Series.

What’s behind The Expanse: A Revealing Series?

course focused on eponymous science fiction seriesHowever, the video game mod is supposed to run before the actual series, so it’s a file prefix. Become the main character Kamina drummer Become the leader of Ragtag, played by Cara Gee.

Players will have to work with a mix of great characters, fight a bloody rebellion, explore different locations beyond the belt and, most importantly, make tough decisions that will affect the fate of the Artemis spaceship and its crew.According to Telltales.

Everything is developed by 9th floorwho last Life is Strange: True Colors They were responsible. Unfortunately, it has yet to be revealed when The Expanse: A Telltale Series will appear and on what platforms Telltale’s new work will be released.

And the wolf among us 2?

In a blog post, someone commented on not only the new The Expanse, but also The Wolf Among Us 2. At The Game Awards 2019, it was revealed that this was in development again. At Telltale, they are well aware that the fans, despite all their patience and support, are happy Some new information Will be.

You can’t share anything right now, but you want to answer some pressing fan questions very soon. In Game Informer Issue 342 you are allowed to Detailed information on upcoming Telltale gamesWorking with a new engine and building a whole new studio.

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