Breath Of The Wild 2 Likely Changes Link’s Champion Abilities

A lot of things are likely to change in the upcoming sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildprovisionally called Breath of the Wild 2, and a big one is Link’s champion abilities he gets after defeating each of the four God Beasts. So far, their comeback hasn’t even been confirmed, but since BOTWThe four champions of , how they died and their abilities are major elements of the story, they are likely to return in some form. END 2 is currently set for release in Spring 2023, so it might be a while before we know how it will use champion abilities.


In breath of the wild, there were four Champions of Hyrule who lived before the Second Great Calamity, each of a different race and possessing a special power. They piloted the Divine Beasts, intending to use them against Calamity Ganon, but unfortunately lost their lives fighting monsters he sent to corrupt them. Once Link defeats these monsters and retrieves their God Beast, the champions will appear as spirits and bestow their powers on him. Link is able to use each of BOTW‘s four best champion strengths throughout his adventures in Hyrule, although they have cooldown periods before they can be reactivated.

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The four champion abilities are just one thing that could change in END 2, but it’s one that could have a big impact. How they would change is almost impossible to predict, but the idea of ​​being able to use different forms of powers like Urbosa’s Fury and Revali’s Gale is pretty exciting. It is even possible that END 2 will completely throw them away and replace them with something else. Hopefully any changes or replacements would just be an improvement, and players will enjoy using them once END 2 spell.

Will champion abilities appear in the Breath of the Wild sequel?

Whether END 2 includes champion abilities, they are unlikely to be available from the start of the game due to their strength and usefulness in terms of exploration and combat in BOTW. Nintendo almost always changes things from game to game, and reverting them back to their original form could be repetitive and outdated, which doesn’t seem likely either. However, they can still appear in some form, especially if the champions or their spirits also make another appearance.

Link probably wouldn’t get the abilities of END 2 taking down divine beasts like he did in the original game if they make a return. Despite BOTWThe open-world format that allows players to go straight to the final boss battle against Calamity Ganon without doing any missions right after completing the tutorial if they wish, it’s safe to assume that the main missions of the story at the bare minimum were finished in BOTW, especially ones that involve Link saving his friends from Ganon’s clutches. Therefore, Link has probably already recovered Zelda: BOTW‘s Divine Beasts as Vah Rudania before the events of END 2and shouldn’t have to.

How Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 can use champion abilities

There are several ways END 2 could change champion abilities and how Link gets them. It’s possible he’ll learn them in a series of missions that involve studying the champions’ pasts and any journals they may have left behind, or new champions who helped him recover the divine beasts; Sidon, Yunobo, Riju and Teba. Yunobo already has Daruk’s protection, so it’s totally doable. Why would he need to relearn them and how he lost them in the first place is another interesting question. It’s possible they faded when Link defeated Ganon, or when the spirit of the original champions completely dissipated.

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When he gets the champion abilities again, END 2 can let Link use them in new ways. Link could create his own techniques based on these, which are perhaps weaker but more easily usable, and require shorter cooldowns, if any at all. He could also combine them and create electrically charged shields with Daruk’s protection and Urbosa’s fury, for example, or waterspouts with Mipha’s grace and Revali’s storm. Other possibilities include that they start out weak but can be upgraded to powers stronger than their original forms, be tied to champion weapons – which could go a long way towards making them more viable – and craft items. consumables based on them that have the same effects.

What BOTW 2 Could Use Instead Of Champion Abilities

It’s also possible that champion abilities won’t return in END 2, in which case something else could be used to fill the gap. Link may gain new powers from the goddess Hylia, who created the Zelda the most powerful weapon in the series, the Master Sword, or the three dragons – Farosh, Dinraal and Naydra – that roam BOTWit’s Hyrule. There are also other sources from which Link could obtain new powers to replace champion abilities, such as the Sheikah Tribe in Kakariko Village, or the Koroks and the Great Deku Tree who reside in Korok Forest.

Each of these could take the form of combat or exploration powers, much like champion abilities do; a Korok or Great Deku Tree power could create a platform or a bridge made of roots for example, which could be very useful since Link will be exploring floating islands. The dragons’ powers could take the form of fire, ice, and lightning attacks, although the likelihood of this is uncertain since swords, spears, and wands with these elements are in BOTWweapons likely to reappear in END 2and the powers can make these elements superfluous.

END 2 actually showed off some of the new abilities Link will be using, along with the possible source; in one of the first trailers of nintendo on YouTube, Link is shown using some sort of power that allows him to pass through solid matter, which might be a good exploration power to use instead of Revali’s Gale. This is presumably from Link’s new arm since the same glow surrounding it is the same one that appears when he uses the phasing ability. This could be a good source of new powers to replace champion abilities, and the possibility introduces some weird theories about Link. END 2 arms. Since this arm is the same one that is engulfed in Ganon’s Malice, it could even indicate that these powers will come from a dark source such as Calamity Ganon, Ganondorf, or Demise. Demise’s spirit is sealed in the Master Sword, which is damaged in nintendo‘s Launch Timing Update – also on YouTube – so it’s not out of the question for it to come back in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2and is either sealed in Link’s new arm or inhabits it in some way.

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