Every Soulsborne Intro Boss Ranked By Difficulty

Almost all Soulsborne games have one thing in common: at the start of the journey, they like to present you with an enemy who is technically beatable but also almost sure to kill you. These bosses are all tough. Not one is even close to easy. However, there are levels in this game, and some brutally difficult bosses are more brutally difficult than others.

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Whether it’s a fearsome master swordsman who needs an advanced understanding of the game’s parry mechanic just introduced to you or a gruesome demon who has multiple arms and can kill you in one or two strikes, these bosses are no laughing matter. They are placed where they are to teach players a lesson and only one: death will come for them.

7 Ogre, dark souls 2

Dark Souls 2, Ogre takes a hit

So, for all intents and purposes, Dark Souls 2 is the only Soulsborne game that doesn’t come with an intro boss of some kind. However, you could argue that the ogre you first meet in Things Betwixt kind of fills that role. So, for the sake of completeness, we will include it here.

The ogre hits hard, but it has extremely telegraphed attacks. It is also vulnerable for an extended period after hitting the ground. So yes, the ogre is a difficult enemy to face early in the game, but he’s not unreasonably strong. It’s perfectly conceivable that a new player could beat the ogre on their first encounter. So if you count the ogre as some sort of intro boss, this is by far the easiest in the series.


6 Iudex Gundyr, Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Iudex Gundyr

Dark Souls 3’s Iudex Gundyr is, in many ways, one of the sweetest intro bosses in the franchise – he has highly telegraphed attacks. So if you pay attention, you will have obvious indications that will let you know when to cast. Additionally, many of his attacks leave him in an extended state of recovery, making this an obvious opportunity to inflict damage on him. However, he is far from being an easy boss. He has incredible range with his spear, and this is only accentuated when he transforms mid-fight.

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Iudex Gundyr is truly one of the franchise’s most impressive bosses, as he organically teaches you how to play the game. Long-time Souls fans will likely beat him in a few tries. Also, if you start with firebombs, you’ll have a massive head start on Gundyr. Overall, he’s still a very difficult boss, but feels like he’s the best example of an intro boss that serves to teach you the game.

5 The Asylum Demon, Dark Souls

Dark Souls: The Asylum Demon Blocking the Asylum Exit

Dark Souls’ Asylum Demon can kill you faster than you think. He is more than capable of killing you from a distance using his giant mace. Or he can just smack his butt, which is an attack that sends out a sort of shockwave. The trick is to get as close to this horrible demon as possible and stay around its back. Attack until it starts flying through the air, at which time it’s time to flee. Needless to say, getting close to such an intimidating boss isn’t most fans’ first instinct. However, once you know how to fight The Asylum Demon, it becomes a bit more manageable.

What makes Asylum Demon more manageable than some of the other Soulsborne game bosses is that it’s quite similar to the Vanguard Demon. Thus, those who had already played Demon’s Souls have a huge advantage. Additionally, if you are aware of his weaknesses, you can start the game with firebombs and completely trivialize your encounter with him. Make no mistake, though, The Asylum Demon is likely to murder you if you don’t have a foreknowledge. And if this is your first Souls game, then this boss is going to be particularly brutal.

4 Vanguard demon, demon souls

Demon's Souls Vanguard Demon

When this guy showed up in Demon’s Souls, no one knew what to do. The Vanguard Demon is so much more than the average gamer can handle in a game’s tutorial section. And, of course, that’s the point. Everyone died at the Vanguard Demon, and they were meant to. It hits extremely hard, it has incredible range, and it’s faced long before you have the tools to deal with it.

That being said, as we’ve all been trained to deal with this style of boss, the Vanguard Demon doesn’t strike quite the same level of fear in players’ hearts as before. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, because it’s not. It’s just not quite the absolute waking nightmare it once was.

3 Werewolf, Bloodborne

Bloodborne Enemies first werewolf beast

While the werewolf enemy in Bloodborne is quite possibly one of the least interesting intro bosses you’ll encounter in the series, as it’s only one of the toughest enemies at the start of the game to fight. without weapons, it is absolutely a brutal battle. It probably won’t surprise you that Bloodborne isn’t Street Fighter. Generally, you’re not supposed to fight these horrible monsters with your hands.

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The Werewolf is each alarmingly long and extraordinarily fast. Your strokes, on the other hand, are slow and chunky. Is it possible to kill the werewolf? Sure. Is this a slow and painful fight? Absoutely. You’ll be battling werewolves long after you’ve acquired all your weapons and leveled up, so fighting one without a weapon is a daunting task.

2 Genichiro, Sekiro

Boss of Sekiro Genichiro

Genichiro is a boss that will almost certainly kill most players who face him. It’s not that he’s incredibly harsh or unfair, the opposite is true. He’s actually a very fair introductory boss. Thing is, to beat him, you need to master the parry mechanic pretty well – the heart of the game. expertise with this mechanic to actually win this battle.

In repeats of the game, it is likely that you will defeat this enemy. But, in the first run, he’s more than likely to absolutely destroy you. There is also no Firebomb equivalent to easily defeat Genichiro. You just need to do it the right way: with a clean, precise parry. That being said, as great as Genichiro is, he’s unfortunately tied to Activision; a company that has consistently performed in a less than excellent manner.

1 Grafted Scion, Elden Ring

Elden Ring, Scion graft throwing their swords around

One thing you’ll notice about the majority of Soulsborne intro bosses is that they either telegraph their attacks, are slow, or are all of the above. They still hit hard and tend to have impressive range, but at least their attack speed gives your brain time to process what’s going on. This is not true for the Grafted Scion, the intro boss of Elden Ring.

This giant mass of arms and swords is extraordinarily difficult to predict. They don’t have those oversized attacks with long recovery animations to rely on. Instead, it’s hard to see when you’re even supposed to approach them, given how restless they are. Oh, and it will kill you in a few hits. It’s a brutal, brutal fight. Very few people are likely to beat the first time they encounter it. Welcome to Elden Ring!

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