How to make a culture bomb

Unleashing a Culture Bomb in Civilization 6 is a handy tool for players who know how to use it.

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It’s no secret that Civilization 6 is a deeply complex game. If gamers don’t follow the tutorial or play their first games with the advisor feature turned on, or even watch some tutorials online, it can be especially difficult to master. It is normal to feel lost at first or to forget your end goal because there are so many steps to get there.

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Culture Bombing is a handy mechanic to learn as it can give a certain civilization an advantage, especially when it bombs an enemy player’s territory and grabs their tiles. Given the number of paths that can be taken to reach a goal in Civilization 6, it’s best to understand them all so you know what to expect from enemy civilizations and how to properly use other civilizations and mechanics.


How a culture bomb works

Civ Culture Bomb 6

When a Cultural bomb occurs on a tile, the civilization that started it automatically acquire its six surrounding tiles as long as they are less than three boxes from the city center and not occupied by Wonders or Quarters. However, if a Wonder or District is still under construction and is under the effect of a Culture Bomb, the construction will stop immediately and it will disappear.

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Adopting a culture bomb is a great way to expand your borders without the need for direct military conflict. Players can make substantial gains by using a Culture Bomb at the right time.

Civilization abilities

Civilization 6 Dutch Wilhelmina De Civ 6

Each civilization has its own set of abilities and specific units or neighborhoods inspired by its culture or history. Some civilizations have abilities that will allow you to make a Culture Bomb. Typically, the Civilization Leader must order the construction of a specific type of building or neighborhood, and when completed, a Culture Bomb will be set off. These are all civilizations that have abilities related to Culture Bomb:

Civilization Capacity What they must build to set off a culture bomb
Australia Land below Pastures
Dutch Grote Revieren Ports
Gallic Culture Hallstatt (only tiles without an owner) Mine
Khmer King’s monasteries Holy places
Maori mana Fishing boats
Poland Golden freedom Encampments and forts

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Other methods of setting off a culture bomb

Civ 6 Amenities

There are other ways to make cultural bombs in Civilization 6, however, they are more situational:

  • There are two religious beliefs to keep in mind when it comes to Culture Bombing. If the A threatening storm The DLC is not installed, so the Enhancer Belief: Burial Grounds will trigger a Culture Bomb whenever a holy site is built. The A threatening storm The DLC made this ability associated with the Adept Belief: Warrior Monks instead of. When playing with Khmer civilization, since it has the King’s Monastery ability, choosing this belief is unnecessary.
  • Build the Reserve district unleashes a culture bomb, but it only works on tiles without an owner. It will not take tiles from enemy players.
  • With the Rise and fall DLC, there is a great engineer, Mimar Sinan, which you can earn with Great Engineer points, who will do it every time an industrial zone is built, it provides a cultural bomb.
  • There is also a resolution of the World Congress called Border control treaty which causes a culture bomb to take place every time a player finishes building a neighborhood.

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