How to Start Your Jeff Goldblum Miniature Collection

This year’s Gen Con was jam-packed with new games, up to 560 by some estimates. We’ve covered some of the trends we’ve seen, including an increase in rolling and writing games and a chaotic wave of new board games. But there was another unusual item at the nation’s largest tabletop gaming convention: a small, handsome plastic Jeff Goldblum.

Incomparablethe insanely popular skirmish game that pits Hollywood heroes against historical heroes, recently released its latest set of Jurassic Park-inspired villains. Unrivaled Jurassic Park: Dr. Sattler vs. T. Rex is currently out of stock. The $30 game comes with an Ellie Sattler figure and a massive Tyrannosaurus rex. Ellie is also given a sidekick – a tiny plastic token with a picture of Dr. Ian Malcom on it, a two-dimensional object utterly incapable of containing her raw sexual energy.

In order to remedy this situation, Restoration Games has ordered 10,000 plastic Ian Malcom figures, complete with a delicate ink wash, which it has made available with pre-orders. Speaking to Polygon at the convention, team members said the minis sold out before they could even put any aside for themselves. A handful was available on their stand, but the demand for the miniature completely shocked them. Another batch is already on the way and pre-orders are currently online.

But that’s not the only Jeff Goldblum gaming figure currently in production. Strata thumbnails work on a whole series of numbers based on the popular Dark Dice real game series. The crowdfunding campaign will be posted in October. Among them is the mighty elven wizard named Balmur, played by none other than Jeff Goldblum. Early renders of his miniature show him in a powerful stance, his arm raised to cast a spell and a hawkish grin on his face. The finished miniature – painted by David Fisk, better known online as Dungeons and Dry-Gins – features lots of freehand work including a beautiful tattoo.

Photo: miniature strata

An alternate pose for Jeff's Dark Dice figure.

Photo: miniature strata

“The incredible sculpture not only sums up her chiseled beauty, but also her ‘sparkling in the eye’ personality,” Fisk said, taking to Polygon on Twitter. “On a more serious note, I really wanted to do justice to his cultural heritage and made a custom skintone mix just for him. , so it was an interesting challenge.”

The sad reality is that at this time, there are no Jeff Goldblum figures suitable for tabletop games currently available for sale on the market. But I’m confident this will soon be resolved because, as we all know, life finds a way. In the meantime, Dr. Ian Malcom is lounging on my desk until the Warhammer TV presenter Louise Sugden gives me a proper tutorial for painting those hard and shiny abs.

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