Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds: How to Farm Territe

fans of the Ni no Kuni franchise are thrilled that the hit fantasy game is finally getting an MMO, courtesy of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. In the game, players get a Ni no Kuni twist on the modern isekai genre – characters are sent to the game world of “Soul Divers” only to realize that they must save both his world and their own from possible destruction.

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Fortunately, saving the world from Cross Worlds is not so urgent, because players can enjoy the full depth of this Ni no Kuni MMO with its many features. One such important feature is its way of allowing players to earn cryptocurrency, where they can exchange these tokens for various items – as well as real money. In this regard, what exactly is the Territe currency, and how do players earn it?


Territe versus Asterite

Similar to other cryptocurrency games, there are many cryptocurrency tokens that players can use while playing the game, such as Territe and Asterite. Before players get into Territe farming, it can be helpful to understand how these tokens work in the larger context of the game, especially as beginners in Cross Worlds.

Outside Cross Worldsother cryptocurrency games often have an equivalent in-game item that players can earn, which cannot then be converted into a token that can be traded in the real world.

Enter MBX

First of all, it is useful to know more about the MBX or Marble X cryptocurrency, which is the underlying technology of Asterite and Territe tokens. This is the cryptocurrency that Netmarble has officially implemented in Cross Worlds.

Minus the complicated structure of cryptocurrencies in space, it basically implies that Cross Worlds players have the opportunity to earn MBX, which they can then “exchange” for real money or other tokens within the global cryptocurrency exchange.

Asterite Token

In the game, players can earn something called the Asterite or the Asterite Token by completing player versus player or PVP tasks. Players can only earn Asterite Tokens (sometimes referred to by their technical term NKA) by trading tokens with other players or participating in the game’s competitive components, suitable for certain PVP. Cross Worlds Classes such as the witch. In the context of in-game earnings, the game only provides NKA through PVP missions.

The Territe token

Compared to the NKA or Asterite Token, the Terran Token is also called the NKT. Similar to Asterite, players can also earn Territe by completing various in-game requirements. However, while Asterite is earned through competitive means, Territe is earned from the game’s PVE or player versus environment components.

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This token is the game’s way of ensuring players unconcerned with the competitive aspect of Cross Worlds may still have a way to earn money and trade tokens. Thanks to the rather quick aspects of Cross Worlds Class base abilities and how they sync with rotations, players can clear PVE objectives to earn Territe much faster.

Earn Territe Tokens

Due to the nature of Territe and Asterite being in-game tokens that players can earn, it’s only natural that players find themselves earning these tokens in a rather “random” fashion, especially when completing their tasks. daily. However, those looking to farm for Territe may want to focus on specific tasks that can help them earn the most Territe in a game day.

Increase class grade

One of the important aspects of earning Territe in Cross Worlds is to ensure that players have more than enough capacity to acquire them in the first place. It consists of raising the Quality category of their character, essentially upgrading their class to reach certain thresholds beyond acquisition Cross Worlds Passives and other active skills.

A class gets an increase in the number of Territes to earn and store per day every time it levels up 20 times. This value stacks per unique character class, meaning players have 25 opportunities to increase their Territe ability, with the game having five unique classes and five class levels.

Strengthen combat power

Similar to other MMOs with gear scores or gear qualities, Cross Worlds also have what is called combat power. In the game, CP is the measure of a character’s overall strength, with almost every aspect of the character having some sort of CP value. This determines how powerful the character is in most given situations, giving players a first head start on their character’s ability to take on certain dungeons or monsters. All classes should take note of their CP, not just DPS classes such as Swordsman and Witch.

In the context of Territe, it is strongly recommended that players strive for the highest CP possible. This way, players are always ready to take on more difficult tasks in the fastest way possible. Since a large part of acquiring Territe involves doing various quests, higher CP to complete these quests faster gives players more room to earn Territe.

Complete Daily Quests

As in other games, players have the opportunity to complete Daily quests as part of the gameplay of Cross Worlds. However, a special feature here is that daily quests can also provide players with Territe. As with other MMOs, many of the daily quests revolve around players using the game’s full range of features, aside from combat with farming-focused classes like the Destroyer.

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In turn, some daily quests include completing quick fixes or tasks inside the realm (guild), completing a familiar adventure, and even completing the fire temple. Players should aim to do the Daily Quests as soon as they enter the game, with the priority being to do Daily Quests alongside other quests that have the same requirements.

Kill monsters in the chaos field

At some point during the game’s main story, players are given a tutorial on how to access and unlock the field of chaos. In game parlance, this refers to a special region or instance filled with more powerful iterations of monsters that offer more powerful rewards. These include weapons, attachments, tomes, and other gear that easily exceed the 3-star threshold.

More importantly, Chaos Field monsters can also drop Territe. Once players have unlocked Chaos Field, they can access it from the Challenge button in the main menu. They can either pay 1,500 gold to get there quickly or travel on foot. It is recommended that players access the floor of Chaos Field closest to their combat power, so that the drops are appropriate to their strength. Teaming up with PVE powers like the Witch to tackle the tougher soils of the Chaos FIeld can also help players farm Territe more easily.

Familiar adventure

A unique aspect of Cross Worlds involves familiars or small creatures that resolve as “assistants” to players who aid them in combat. Most pets are combat capable, each of them possessing unique skills that can improve the player’s performance, similar to the buffs provided by the engineer. However, players can also send pets to fight monsters and gather resources through Familiar adventure.

In this mode, players select a favorite collection and monster node and review their potential rewards. Players may be able to choose a node that interests them and earns them the most Territe.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds was released worldwide in 2022 for Android, iOS and PC.

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