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Last month, Nintendo announced that Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online via a premium membership. Scheduled to be released in late October, the new subscription service will already provide access to nine Nintendo 64 games from the start, with more titles being added over the months. As we prepare for the arrival of Nintendo 64 games on Nintendo Switch Online, we’ve categorized all of the titles that you will be able to play immediately when the new membership becomes available. So get ready to lose a few good nights of sleep as many great classics become available this month.

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9) WinBack: covert operations


Image via Nintendo

WinBack: covert operations was not a commercial success when it was first released in 1999, which means many gamers are hearing about it for the first time when it comes to Nintendo Switch Online. The third-person shooter was released only a year later Solid metal gear hit the PlayStation One, and the game pretty much looks like a consolation prize. The levels don’t seem inspired and the action is repetitive, but To win back is responsible for several mechanics that have become essential in shooting games. First, while Solid metal gear covering fact behind all popular, To win back added an exclusive button for instant cover and the ability to shoot from corners. The game also added a laser line to help the player aim with N64 stick control, a resource that would inspire Metal Gear Solid 2 and Resident Evil 4. While it isn’t the best shooter to ever come to the Nintendo 64, To win back is an essential part of video game history, and that’s great, Nintendo is preserving it for future generations.

8) Dr Mario 64


Image via Nintendo

Let’s be honest: Dr mario is basically Tetris with a new coat of paint. It does a great job adding story and puzzle elements straight from the world of Super Mario, but basically the game is all about controlling the falling pieces to fill an ever-changing puzzle board. Dr Mario 64 is also just an improved remake of the same Dr mario first launched on NES then on Game Boy. However, what makes the game incredibly fun is its four-player mode which will add some nice chaos to the Nintendo Switch Online extended membership. Dr Mario 64 features six different game modes, three of which are available for sofa competition, making it a great addition to the version collection for those who like to play with their friends.

7) Yoshi’s story

yoshis story

Image via Nintendo

Yoshi’s story is a side-scrolling platform game starring Mario’s trusty steed that hasn’t gone very well on Nintendo 64. Nonetheless, it could still be enjoyable when it hits Nintendo Switch Online. The game has been criticized for being too easy and too short, and while the new version doesn’t change that, it can at least keep you busy for a few hours if you’re looking for a relaxing gaming experience. Yoshi’s story was also designed for children, perfect for keeping the little family members occupied while giving them a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, Yoshi’s story didn’t have enough content to justify the price of a Nintendo 64 cartridge, but as part of a collection it’s a cool game to try.

6) Mario Tennis


Image via Nintendo

Believe it or not, the Nintendo 64s Mario tennis is still considered one of the best Mario sports games of all time. In addition to making a complex sport intuitive to play, Mario tennis uses all the charm of the Super Mario franchise to create a game that’s easy to choose and very hard to quit. Mario tennis is also historically relevant, as this is the game that introduced Waluigi, a character who would become a staple of the franchise. There are also three silly arcade modes included with Mario tennis, allowing more multiplayer mayhem. Even though the game was released in 2000, Mario tennis aged well, and its inclusion on the Nintendo Switch is welcome.

5) Sin and punishment


Image via Nintendo

Sin and punishment was not originally released in the West, which means that the premium Nintendo Switch Online membership will give many gamers the first opportunity to play a fantastic hellish shooter. While most Nintendo 64 games use the center and right grips on the control, Sin and punished was developed with the central and left handles in mind. This brilliant design decision allows players to move the character around the screen with the D-pad while aiming with the stick. Sin and punishedThe sound control system gave players a high level of precision, which allowed developers to fill the screen with projectiles and explosions. Sin and punished comes highly recommended for anyone looking for an adrenaline-infused experience.

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4) Super Mario 64

super mario-64

Image via Nintendo

There’s nothing really bad to say Super Mario 64because it is still considered one of the best 3D platformer games of all time. Super Mario 64 has helped define both a generation and a whole genre of gameplay with polished controls, diverse levels, and tons of secrets. Why put him so low in this ranking, then? Well, because Nintendo has already released an improved version of Super Mario 64 as part of its The stars of Super Mario 3D collection. Although the two versions of the game are almost identical, The stars of Super Mario 3D has upgraded audio channels and 720p resolution, which makes it better than the emulated version of Super Mario 64. It’s also strange that Nintendo already has an improved version of the classic but decides not to make it available with the premium membership.

3) Mario Kart 64


Image via Nintendo

We never have enough Mario kart, and with Mario kart 64, players will be able to visit tracks that have become classics in other games, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. While Mario kart 64 isn’t the best franchise game out there, it’s still a great successor to Super mario kart, capable of translating the franchise into 3D. It features plenty of imaginative runs and the same chaotic multiplayer experience that we love so much about the franchise. Although the graphics may be out of date – especially since we have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the switch – Mario kart 64 is always fun to play and can provide players with new courses to try out when newer games start to get repetitive.

2) Star Fox 64


Image via Nintendo

Rejoice! One of the best games ever released for the Nintendo 64 arrives in the premium Nintendo Switch Online membership. Star fox 64 did a lot more than bring the franchise into a fully 3D environment, as it also introduced a branching path system that dramatically increased replayability. While the start and end points of your adventure remain the same, what you do on a level determines which path you take next. So, Star fox 64 assesses if you found a secret exit or if your performance was good enough to take you to a more difficult level. Plus, the game keeps track of every path you’ve taken, giving the player the visual feedback they need to continue exploring the space and finding ways to improve. The path Star Fox 64 Difficulty issues are to be praised for eternity, as they never prevent the player from completing the game but instead reward those who improve their skills with even more content.

1) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Image via Nintendo

There is no other way to conclude this ranking than to rent The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Ocarina of time is still considered one of the best games in the franchise, for so much more than nostalgia, as it has great temple design, an intricate plot, layered characters, and so much content. While Ocarina of time was Link’s first 3D adventure, the game gave temples new meaning by organically integrating them into the world, introduced a music system that would resonate forever in the franchise, and rewarded player exploration with secrets hidden in every corner of the map. All this while trying to understand how 3D technology worked and coming up with solutions that would become a staple across the industry – just as an example, Ocarina of time invent targeted enemies. Ocarina of time is an essential THE Legend of Zelda game, and with its arrival on Nintendo Switch Online, we are getting closer to having the entire series in one system.

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