Nintendo 64 Switch online games will play at 60Hz

Nintendo announces that the next Nintendo 64 titles presented on Nintendo Switch Online will offer a major improvement in the quality of life.


September’s Nintendo Direct was filled with a plethora of announcements to excite fans of Nintendo’s many proprietary franchises. Along with the announcement of highly anticipated titles like Kirby and the Forgotten Country and Bayonet 3Nintendo officially announced that Nintendo 64 games will join the Nintendo Switch Online lineup with nine classic titles launching with the service’s expansion pack. Nintendo has since announced via Twitter that these titles will benefit from a major improvement in quality of life thanks to the service.

Nintendo has officially announced the list of titles that will join the service at launch as well as a selection of titles currently slated for addition. The service is slated to launch in late October and will feature popular N64 staples like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time alongside more obscure titles like the cult classic only in Japan Sin and punishment. Titles like Banjo-Kazooie and Paper Mario has been confirmed to be upcoming and the iconic developer today announced that these games will be optimized for the Switch.

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The official Nintendo UK Twitter account announced earlier this morning that all upcoming Nintendo 64 games on the console can be played in 60hz English versions. Some of the titles included in the expansion pack will also be able to be played in the original PAL versions with options for different languages. The upgrade ensures that every game added to the service can be played at 60Hz instead of the standard 50Hz of PAL versions. The inclusion of English versions also confirms the return of Sin and punishmentThe English version of, previously limited to the Wii Virtual Console and Wii U.

The Nintendo Switch Online Enhanced Expansion Pack has also been announced to add a small selection of SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive titles. The initial release will feature iconic 16-bit SEGA console titles like Sonic the hedgehog 2, Golden ax, and Ecco the dolphin. Nintendo did not announce the official price for the expansion pack during The Direct, but did mention that existing Nintendo Switch Online members will be able to upgrade for a discount.

September’s Nintendo Direct was filled with many major announcements and iconic Nintendo franchises. Between new trailers for the now released Terror Metroid and the eagerly awaited Splatoon 3, Nintendo made several other announcements that got fans talking about a new Smash character (now revealed to be Sora from Kingdom Hearts) to the cast of Illumination’s Mario movie. The addition of Nintendo 64 games to Nintendo Switch Online was a welcome addition to the service’s library and will ensure that classic titles can be experienced by a new generation of Nintendo fans.

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