Online games to play after a tense match

After watching a tense football match, you don’t want to think about anything and play your favorite online games. Not all of them are suitable for a leisure activity, but we know about a dozen such online games that are aimed at both experienced players and those who have just become familiar with virtual worlds. Dota 2, CS:GO, World of Tanks and other popular session games have been deliberately dropped. First, these choices are too simple, and second, expanding your horizons is also useful in games.

  1. social solitaire

You can play live games of traditional Solitaire against other players in this intriguing variation. This online game is available for free without downloading, but some game products can also be purchased with real money. First you need to understand how to make a Solitaire Card Setup before you can enjoy this game using a deck of cards. Your understanding will improve as more information becomes available to you, which can only mean that your gaming experience will be better.

You can earn daily rewards in this app. When the going gets tough, you can apply a little magic. Additionally, there are fantastic rewards for Magic competitions that take place once a week. But moreover, the main feature of this game that sets it apart from similar games is a tournament. You can participate in intense tournaments in this game which makes it an entertaining gaming experience. Thousands of people around the world play Social Solitaire and you can battle with them. There is more to this business than just the dashboard. When playing a game, players can unlock areas, get rewards, and advance to new levels. The best way to get the most excitement is to play a solitary tournament. You can choose from one of three variants: Standard, Knockout or Tournaments around the world.

  1. European Truck Simulator

The essence of the game is simple – deliver goods from point A to point B on time and without any incident. There is nothing to fear here: traffic accidents and police are far fewer than the radio stations available. Additionally, the game has a progression system with new trucks, garages, and employees to make traveling across Europe seem unnecessary. The hardest part about ETS is not spending too much money on DLC or American Truck Simulator.

  1. snow runner

Many people may think that Euro Truck Simulator is too simple, that’s why we have SnowRunner on our list. The player’s objective has not changed much – you still need to deliver various products to customers. But instead of shiny tracks and flat roads, there are broken ruts, frozen corners and boggy paths. The task becomes much more difficult, but the game is still far from hardcore status. SnowRunner is a real space for procrastination – the developers have even added tricks straight from Ubisoft titles and lots of small tasks that won’t seem monotonous thanks to the intricate landscape.

4 Farming Simulator

It is impossible to imagine playing a game about operating heavy machinery without thinking about Farming Simulator. Have you ever tried growing wheat?

The only problem with Farming Simulator is that it’s not very informative. After discussing the mechanics, you might wonder how to sow the field more efficiently in one pass and whether it would be better to plant cotton than oats. Well, where else do they give the player a real farm with all kinds of equipment?

  1. Borderlands

Shooters, contrary to popular thought, are a fantastic way to unwind emotionally. Borderlands is also a good choice in this regard because there are a ton of extra activities to take on and there is no need to follow the plot. It’s almost hard to get lost in the events and dynamics, even if you only play it for a few hours a day. Borderlands is not only suitable for players who are just starting their game; the various add-ons for the whole series will be released for a very long time. Also, like GTA V before it, part of this collection has started to be offered for free in the Epic Games Store.

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