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Women are getting more and more interested in the game and we see that their numbers are steadily increasing. However, in terms of game design, the number of women actively involved is still relatively low. But it may well have been the same with the introduction of Bitcointhe women entering the field of play a little later.

What is the future of the game?

But big changes are on the horizon. There are a number of Israeli women who seek to change the future of the gaming industry.

The same may have been the case with Bitcoin, with women entering the field a bit later.

The gambling industry has been predominantly dominated by men. Most of the games featured tough male characters, fighting and winning battles and were marketed and appealed to men. Only a few games, like “Sims”, were different. But like the gaming industry grew and developed, it started to focus more on women. In fact, a study conducted by Newzoo reports that 46% of all gamers today are women. But despite this, there is still a lack of female influence in the industry. For example, there is still a lack of women in management and leadership positions in major gaming companies. Women occupy only 16% of management positions according to a study by the First-20 group.

There is reason to criticize the behavior of the gaming industry towards its employees. Lawsuits were filed last year against top gaming companies such as Activism Blizzard and Ubisoft, claiming that the women worked in a very dangerous environment prone to sexual harassment and ongoing gender discrimination.

The number of women working in the gaming industry in Israel is growing, but there is no doubt that the the industry is still firmly in the hands of men. The recent Conference “Women in the game” organized in Israel was organized with the aim of promoting the participation of women in the gaming industry and many major gaming companies participated. Companies such as Beach Bum, CrazyLabs, SciPlay, Incredibuild, PlayStudios and Platika were represented. QueenB, an organization that actively promotes women in high tech and provides programming tutoring for girls.

Who are the women changing the future of the gaming industry?

There are a number of women who are making huge strides in the gaming industry in Israel and help change the future of the game. A woman is Shay Segal who is responsible for design at Resight.

Shay, in an interview with Calcalist, said, “At Resight, we build advanced technology for augmented reality applications. This means that I design and build augmented reality from concept to demonstration state, demonstrating our company’s technology. I haven’t given up designing games, and I still rely on UX and 3D reality methods. In the meantime, I’m also teaching 3D design to gaming graduate students at Shenkar College and trying to work on several different projects simultaneously. I also like to play with the code. She went on to say “Lately I’ve realized that I want to partner with other women (mostly on Twitter) and introduce them to the world of XR (which combines virtual reality and extended reality). I started to plan two mini-courses whose content is necessary to study 3D and XR design.I hope that women will enroll.

Are there any specific challenges for women to overcome in the gaming industry?

When asked if women face different challenges in the gaming industry compared to those in the high-tech industry, Segal responded with this:

“I think one of the biggest issues is the stereotype of the typical end-user, which is the gamers who play these games that we’ve made. Historically in the gaming industry, there’s been a tendency to define this group dichotomously – shooters for boys and family-centric simulation games for girls. It’s a stereotype that’s hard to let go of, mostly because it relies on statistics, but it’s It’s clear that other factors are involved. Women working in this industry – whether or not they liked playing “Sims” when they were little – have a responsibility to young girls to correct this misconception. This is already changing in other media.(Today, Netflix offers several cartoon shows with eccentric female lead characters.) We are also make an effort to encourage diversity of female personality types in the characters. In games, that will not work. The characters have to be cool, so maybe it’s not so similar to Netflix.

She went on to say that “Some women don’t want to pursue these types of careers that involve game design or more technical aspects. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find young female programmers or designers, let alone other female entrepreneurs. Workplaces are predominantly male and, like in any other industry, there is no easy way to deal with the situation. Now there’s also the feeling that things are changing, and I think it’s important to have a female gaming community. This awareness also comes through new programs, where women volunteer to transmit their own knowledge, or are influencers on Twitter who prove that it is possible to create new platforms accessible to the next generation of women. During the last AWE (Augmented World Conference), there was a large poster hanging in the lobby showing how many influential women are leading the XR industry. When I think of the little girl or teenager who sees this poster, I know it will have a completely different effect on them than it did on me when I was 15. At the time, I had no idea whether or not I could ever become a game designer.”

“Things are changing and will continue to do so, and I know that we as women play a part in that. It won’t happen on its own, so we have to be proactive about it.

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