Senior pays for college as YouTube video game tutorial star

It’s 7:45 p.m. and senior Matt Cobuzio has decided it’s time to get down to business. He walks over to his PlayStation 4, plugs in his microphone and turns on his computer and webcam.

“What’s going on guys, my name is Matt and I’m mcsportzhawk!” Today I’m going to show you Margwa’s headed Easter egg in “Shadows of Evil”.

The work of the double major in television, radio, film and news management is not that of a typical student. He makes YouTube videos giving video game tips and tutorials to viewers on how to successfully play games like “Call of Duty”. Its main channel mcsportzhawk had 429,360 subscribers on YouTube Monday night at 7 p.m.

When Cobuzio got his first salary, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “Zero dollars and ninety cents,” he said. It may not seem like much, but for Cobuzio it meant the world. Her family laughed at her enthusiasm for the small payment, but the next month her paycheck was $ 900. Now he earns enough to pay for his studies.

Cobuzio started making videos in December 2009 when he was in his second year in high school. Despite the enormous success it enjoys today, getting started was not an easy task.


I started with nothing; I had no subscribers, I was sharing the video on Facebook and sending it to my friends who were playing the game and asking my parents and family of friends to watch it every now and then if it was. relevant, and it was a slow start for sure.

Matt Cobuzio

Cobuzio said he started making videos for fun and was very excited once his channel started to gain popularity. He was elated when he hit 100 subscribers, which is paltry compared to the nearly half a million he has today.

It took four years before the Cobuzio chain picked up and began to grow at a substantial rate. There were times when her view counts increased after making a video on a new game, but her channel ended up falling to lower audience levels. However, Cobuzio has remained committed and has now achieved levels of success he never imagined.

In addition to generating consistent income through its YouTube videos, Cobuzio has been sponsored and endorsed by many well-known game companies, such as EA Games and Activision. The companies will pay Cobuzio to play their games before their release dates.

Cobuzio also said that the game companies flew him to conventions such as SUPER! BitCon and E3 to be one of the first to play new games or consoles.

Despite the great reward his work offers, Cobuzio’s success has not come without a lot of hard work.

The ability to schedule his own hours is a huge plus, but Cobuzio knows that if he deviates from his hours and doesn’t consistently produce content, his business will quickly decline. His most common times for making videos are from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. so he doesn’t miss out on too many social opportunities.

He also has two other YouTube channels – one is a skits and jokes channel and the other is a joint channel with his girlfriend where they do boyfriend vs girlfriend challenges and vlogs. He’s also starting a business outside of his YouTube star efforts, where he’s creating an online course that teaches people how to maximize views on their YouTube channels.

Nick Matarazzo, a major junior in television, radio and film, works with Cobuzio on their JerseyToSyracuse YouTube channel. The duo produce comedy sketches on the channel, and Matarazzo said he was lucky to have had the opportunity to work so closely with Cobuzio.

“Matt Cobuzio’s work ethic is unparalleled,” Matarazzo said in a text message. “When he’s motivated to do something new, nothing can stop him. He inspires the people around him to strive to be their best because he will not accept anything less for himself and his close friends.

This work ethic is necessary for Cobuzio, as making the videos themselves can be exhausting. He improvises and records each video, modifies it, creates a video thumbnail, then publishes and titles the video so as to generate as many views as possible based on his analyzes.

Throughout his career of uploading videos to YouTube, Cobuzio has faced a lot of negativity that would turn many off, but he continues to pursue his passion and business despite all the obstacles that come his way.

Cobuzio said, “The best thing about YouTube is that I’ve become so much more confident about what I’m capable of and who I am since I started posting videos and making it successful than it didn’t even baffle me; I can read the worst hateful comments you can imagine and I have no problem with that.

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