Street Fighter 6 is going in the right direction

A new trailer for Street Fighter 6 was recently released full of surprising content, including four returning characters and new information on game modes. The trailer showed off several long-awaited features that seem to be in place Street Fighter 6 as one of the best entries in the franchise.

A huge problem fighting games have faced lately is appealing to a casual player base. While a franchise like Super Smash Bros. is able to appeal to both a casual and hardcore esports player base, with its easy-to-grasp gameplay and hard-to-master techniques, traditional 2D fighters like street fighter are notoriously difficult for new players. Fortunately, the SF6 The trailer showed off modes that will appeal to both new and experienced players.

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Street Fighter 6 will have an expanded single player mode

SF6The recent trailer for showed off a new mode that fans of the franchise have been waiting for a while, and it’s already bigger than expected. The so-called World Tour mode, in which players will create a custom character, learn moves from iconic street fighter characters, and explore what appears to be a semi-open world, will likely be one of the most feature-rich fighting game story modes in the history of the genre.

The idea of ​​a custom character in a fighting game is almost unheard of, but some niche arena fighters like Dragon Ball Xenoverse prove that the concept can work. The best part about having a meaty single-player mode like World Tour is that it easily appeals to fighting game veterans and newcomers alike. New players can move at their own pace and learn moves without getting their morale broken by other players. At the same time, veterans can unlock their favorite moves as custom characters and experience a new take on the genre.

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The extreme battle mode will give Street Fighter 6 a Smash Bros.-like appeal.

The trailer also described a mode called Extreme Battle, where players will be able to add rules and dangers to the fight, including a bull that charges across the screen. Extreme Battle’s unpredictable elements mixed with segmented health bars that don’t require advanced combo chains to deplete make this mode the premier party option for Street Fighter 6.

Adding game modes accessible to new players is huge for a game’s appeal, and Extreme Battle will be the mode that hooks casual gamers. Street Fighter 6the game of. While it may not be a competitive standard, the mode will be a fantastic addition to the game, even if it only serves as a brief rest after high-intensity ranked matches.

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Access to more training options benefits all skill levels

Bigger Street Fighter 6 the news came after the trailer was released, as it was revealed that easily accessible training options will be available in-game for everyone. Past street fighter games have often struggled to integrate good tutorial and training systems, so it’s very encouraging that the Street Fighter 6 the developers seem to be doing a lot of work to fix the problem.

The preset training options will be extremely useful for newcomers learning the basics of fighting games, as well as veteran players who need to continually hone their techniques as their skill levels progress. All new modes coming soon Street Fighter 6 seem to appeal to both casual and experienced gamers, showing that the developers are steering this franchise in the right direction.

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