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The ramp is not a game, it is an experience. Created by a one man “team”, there are no quests or missions, just a chance to skate and pull off cool tricks. That’s it, but since there are no expectations, you can do whatever you want. The game starts you off on a basic ramp, showing you how to gain speed by alternating holding and releasing the A button; the more speed you have, the higher the jump, allowing you to perform bigger tricks.

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In the main menu, you can choose from four characters, two male and two female. Beyond that, there are no further customizations to be found; The ramp is very simple overall. Although the object of the game is simply to skate, how many things do you need to make unique to have a good time?

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Once you learn the timing for getting high, you’re told you can change the direction you’re facing using the left stick. Be careful not to turn too far or you’ll launch straight off the ramp and have to start up again. The right thumbstick will determine the type of trick you perform; combine the two thumbsticks and you can twist to add rotations, performing flashier and more varied tricks.

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Since the game doesn’t set you any goals or challenges to achieve, everything you do will be for yourself. The developer says on The ramp‘s Steam page that it’s not a game, but should be considered more of a digital toy. All you do is relax and have fun doing tricks or flying off course if you mess up.

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Once you complete the tutorial level, three more courses will be unlocked: two of them appear to take place in empty pools, with loungers and ladders to get in and out of the pool; and the third is a ramp with two different routes you can take, and includes a large space to traverse and land on the remaining track. There are no tutorials here, so you’ll need to figure out how long it takes to complete laps on each of the courses.

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The ramp is not the type of game in which you would spend many hours in one sitting. I think it works best in small bursts when you just want to relax for a while and do a few tricks. With no real goals to try and complete, it will be up to you to challenge yourself to keep playing and improve the tricks you can perform. You don’t have to invest a lot of time on each game, so if you’re short on time and want to play something short and sweet, this is a game that will do.

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If you want a simple and fun game that doesn’t require a lot of time to learn, The ramp will be your alley. It reminds me of a basic version of the halfpipe courses at 1080° Snowboarding on the N64. It’s fun to play, doesn’t require a huge investment of time, and doesn’t have any goals or challenges to complete. The ramp is just a fun way to relax and spend a few minutes performing cool tricks.

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