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The sales methods and techniques are meant to give you a boost in your sales numbers. Here are the top 10 seller tips for better selling quality. I have tried to explain all of these top selling techniques in a very lucid and practical way.

Sales Tips For Success: Why Is It Mandatory?

The methods and techniques of selling are intended to make you discover the true meaning of the sale. In addition, sales methods and techniques help you identify your shortcomings and improve sales figures. But you might find that some of the seller’s advice (the secret weapons you own) don’t work effectively like they did before.

Therefore, you need to get out of your old-fashioned approach to selling and try new selling techniques to break your own sales records.

Top 10 sales methods and techniques

  1. Help people make decisions

  2. Offer a cup of coffee

  3. Sell ​​in batch

  4. Make your words whimsical

  5. Repackage the product

  6. Take the pre-booking approach

  7. Accept debit and credit cards

  8. Be a specialist

  9. Long experience in the company

  10. Do not compare with the big brands

1. Help people make decisions: You might be surprised, but it’s a fact that most people have a hard time making decisions. To put it simply, not everyone is that smart. People believe your words, slogans, etc. in your advertisement. You say “This healthy drink is good for your child’s health – better immunity, strengthens bones, sharpens the mind blah blah blah…”. A popular brand like Horlicks is doing the same to win over buyers.

You are not lying but you are playing psychological tricks. Your products will surely not have these supernatural qualities and neither will customers go to test your products in the lab. But your seller advice is working. You help them make the decision or convince them that they aren’t making a bad decision if they buy the product. Surprisingly, this is one of the best-selling techniques that are applied extensively.

2. Offer a cup of coffee: Believe it or not, this is effective sales advice for success. A lot of things can happen over a cup of coffee. On a beautiful winter evening, you walked into a clothing showroom to find a jacket of your choice. And you are greeted with a cup of coffee (a sign of a true art of selling). You are happy. You enjoy your coffee and the vendor is busy showing off his best collections.

Now in such a scenario, it would be hard for you to ignore such hospitality and only a jerk can walk out of the place without buying the jacket. These small gifts or presentations of small sample packs of our products help us to please customers and entice them to buy.

3. Sell in batch: In a store you have a variety of items – some are good, some are poor, and some are bad. These products are not ranked in terms of quality but in terms of popularity with customers. Good articles have less headroom than bad ones. Now what will you do to prove your selling skills? Abandon the bad articles? This is not a very good idea at all.

So sell in batch. Make offers or combo packs and schematics to sell both good and bad things. These sales methods and techniques are frequently followed in restaurants, fast food outlets like Dominos, Pizza-Hut, malls, etc.

4. Give your words some fantasy: Don’t lie, don’t cheat (which is against the art of selling), but say your words in a way that makes life fantastic. Using sensitive words is part of sales methods and techniques. “A cup of coffee can make you rich, what?” You ask yourself questions and your curiosity will prompt you to read further. People love the short cut methods of winning, achieving, and succeeding.

This is where tips from vendors work. Convince people to make a connection between their life and the product offered. Using carefully chosen fancy words with your products helps customers discover the ease of use in their lives and how life is going to be better.

5. Recondition the product: Apply these seller tips when it’s hard for you to come up with an answer to your product’s flop performance in the market, even though you know how good it is. Be careful, it needs a makeover. Simply changing the label may not be enough, you need to rename it or change its name, make a comparison with your competition, show the benefits your product offers and how life changing it is.

If your product is cheap, you can increase the price. You will be amazed to learn that people believe more in products with obscene price tags than in the slightest. Adding words such as “New”, “Special”, etc. the name adds value to the product and obviously customers love them. Many big brands rely on these sales methods and techniques to increase their sales numbers.

6. Take the pre-booking approach: This way, you can create a really crazy, crazy crowd to buy your products. You present a product, describe its features and everything, but you don’t offer it for sale. It is a delicate art of selling. In fact, you are creating a hype about the product by asking your potential customers to take a look at such a great product and own it by booking it now. It sets the mood – be the first to own it or wait for the next batch to arrive.

Some companies that have already created popular brands often go for this type of marketing like Apple Inc. This way you collect a huge amount of money before the product is released and of course it is better for you because the client does not. have a chance to back out of the business if they hear that your product isn’t that good.

Once they receive the product, the link between the product and the money they paid is long gone. Even if your product isn’t great, they won’t feel deprived because it’s like they get it for free. The longer the delay between preorder and release, the better.

7. Accept debit and credit cards: Believe me, this is one of the effective sales methods and techniques. It is a fact that outlets that accept credit / debit cards do more business than their counterparts rely solely on cash transactions. Most people find it difficult to part with the hard cash. They see it as an instant loss. In addition, there is a cash constraint in their wallet and the customer may be hesitant to purchase a product if it exceeds their wallet.

But when it comes to credit cards, people rarely behave frugally. In many cases, credit card bills are not paid by the user themselves, making them more generous when spending. Using cards gives them the freedom to spend more by removing the hassle of carrying hard cash, which ultimately helps increase sales figures.

Credit card companies charge additional fees for transactions. Therefore, if possible, you should not charge your customers the same fees, which will encourage them to use the cards frequently. To add further, certain discounts may also be given if a customer purchases more than a certain limit. Remember, the more payment methods you accept, the more money you will earn.

8. Be an expert: You run a store and your salespeople are labeled the old fashioned way like a sales manager, junior salesperson, etc. Believe me, your customers won’t be impressed with their demos and explanations for a particular product, even if they explain it in the best possible way.

But, suppose a customer walks into your store for a laptop and is introduced to the same guy with the laptop expert designation, it wouldn’t take a long time to convince the customer. These seller tips work very well. The customer feels confident because the salesperson is an expert and he cannot suggest anything wrong no matter how badly he knows the product.

9. Long experience in the company: These seller tips have positive effects, if you say you have been in the business for more than 10 years people find it comfortable to do business with you. It’s psychological. A customer naturally obtains some confidence in your sales sense and believes that you know all the pros and cons of the product you are selling. This sentiment among customers certainly improves sales numbers beyond your expectations.

10. Do not compare with the leader brands: You might know your product is better than some of the bigger brands, but don’t tell your customers. This can have an impact on your quality of sale. Because if you make a comparison with the big brands, it creates in the minds of customers the feeling that you are trying to fuck them.

A customer knows that popular brands are of high quality and is used to them. Now if you tell him that this mark is lower than yours, you are hurting his ego. This ego won’t let him buy your product no matter how better it is. So your approach should be a little polite. First, let him try your product, then tell him why it is better than your competition.


These sales methods and techniques have been proven in many cases and the results are very positive. But if you want to see these sales tips for success, you have to practice these tips based on their practical situations and not in a stereotypical way, it is a guarantee that the seller will not be deprived. Sometimes it is even necessary to resort to unethical sales tricks to survive the competition. Remember, the advice of ground application vendors is up to you. The more convinced you are, the better you can convey.

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