Walken promotes a healthy lifestyle through a walk-to-earn game app.

NFT trends are becoming more and more popular over time. Even the most uninformed individual can easily understand them. The most recent is that of “move-to-earn” game applications that allow participants to learn through play. Lately, there has been a massive influx of games that use learning and development tools to make the experience more interactive. These trailblazers promote the idea of ​​self-improvement through interactive play and offer users the opportunity to earn rewards for their skills.

Walking is a move-to-win game that implements a blockchain platform and NFTs to motivate people to exercise. This is a mobile application with which you literally burn calories by walking in real life with your phone. As you walk, the game character on the phone also levels up. The higher the levels, the more money you earn by playing games or selling your NFTs. It is powered by a token called $WLKN, which is used within the platform.

The gameplay of the application focuses on participating in competitions. As you walk around and level up, you will earn gems that can be spent to level up your character in the game. This, in turn, increases their chances of winning in specific competitions. These races are divided into three main disciplines: sprint, urban running and marathon. All characteristics are taken into account to decide who wins. The app provides a great opportunity to help the community get out and walk more. As people progress, they increase their stamina and strength, which will allow them to take on more physical challenges and compete with others online while earning a solid amount of money. The game plays on the convenience of blockchain technology by allowing users to earn money through gambling, creating a new standard for blockchain games and applications.

It also relies on complex technologies to prevent cheating. The algorithms that control the game can detect users who have a suspicious connection to the application. This will prevent them from entering a level they have already reached when this happens. This ensures that everyone plays by the same rules and allows them to compete against others, playing fairly. However, one of the best parts of the app is its tokenomics. It uses the $WLKN token to reward users for their achievements in the game. So the more levels you reach, the more chances you have to win and get a bigger payout. Not only that, but regular workouts will allow users to avoid specific health issues.

With a focus on health and gameplay, Walken’s mission is to promote healthy habits, encouraging people to start a new journey. When users are more motivated and determined, they will be able to make new friends and gather a strong community. Allowing everyone to participate in the joyful journey is only possible through blockchain technology, which makes the gaming experience fair.

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