Way Of The Hunter: How To Make Money Faster

Way Of The Hunter is a realistic and immersive hunting game, and your journey begins in the middle of the jungle. The world of Hunter’s Way is vast and exploring it is a fascinating experience. Players take on the role of professional wildlife hunters, and there are tons of animals in the game to hunt! Hunting different animals in the hunter way is really fun but besides that you also earn money.

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The behavior and response of AI to the environment of animals in the game is very realistic and fascinating. To learn more about the game’s gameplay, story, and visuals, we encourage you to read our Way Of The Hunter review.

How to make money the hunter way

There are several ways to earn money in the hunter path. You can hunt tons of animals using your hunting skills and completely different types of missions. Moreover, you can upgrade your weapons and hunt animals more professionally for more money. However, it should be noted that not all animals are worth killing for money.

Complete assignments

To stay at the top of the food chain in Way Of The Hunter, you need to explore the world. As they explore the vast world, players will find landmarks, collectibles, and campsites. Additionally, if players continue to roam the woods, they will also find other lodges. However, it is recommended to focus mainly on campsites than to deal with other places.

Do missions the hunter style.

The reason behind visiting all these areas is that you will get missions there. At the end of these missions, players will receive money. Luckily, there are tons of missions available in the game that players can complete and earn money. The first mission in the game is at a campsite southwest of the cabin, which is in the Nose purse.

This mission will consist of eliminating the population of certain mule deer. The mission is worth completing as players can craft it into tasteless specimens geared towards discovery. Additionally, players will also receive other missions from laptops in the cabin. You will need to check your email on your laptop from time to time.

Keep in mind that players can use the money to buy useful things in the game; they can buy new equipment or upgrade their weapons. You can also buy new weapons once you have enough money. Luckily for you, in this guide we will cover all the ways to get money in the game.

Upgrade Rifle

Part of the in-game tutorial also teaches you how to build a better rifle for hunting purposes. Later in the game as you progress you will see more about weapons than other tools as they are not much help. At the start of the game, you should invest most of your time in building a better scope for your gun. This method may not bring quick results, but it is very useful in the long run.

Upgrade your rifle in the game

However, if you use a default scope, you can get good shots. But for that, players need to attach the sigh to the binoculars and line it up with the rifle scope. Also, if you acquire a good scope with zoom, which equals 9x, then you won’t have to worry about having binoculars at the start of the game.

At the beginning of your game, hunting will be easy for you, because animals are not easily scared. Therefore, it will be easy for players to get close to animals for a decent shot. After that, it is suggested to focus on getting a better range of all types of equipment, including Deer Call. Remember that if your first hit succeeds in hunting an animal, then selling the animal will bring you attractive results.

deer hunting

One of the best ways to earn money is to hunt deer in The Way Of The Hunter. Moreover, it is also better if you are a beginner. Hunters love to shoot animals in the game, and the first targets in the game are so much fun to practice. Plus, it’s pretty easy for new players to chase them down and land a perfect shot. Their location is also very convenient for players as it is in the Nez Percé Valley; easy to get there as you spawn very close to the location.

There are several types of deer available in the game that players can hunt down. However, some are worth more money than other animals. If you’re just starting out, we suggest focusing primarily on whitetail deer.

Unfortunately, finding a white-tailed deer is a bit more difficult than finding a mule deer. But Whitetail is definitely worth it because you get a lot more money. It should be noted that the payout depends on the quality of the kill, but a normal Whitetail will net you $600 for each kill. Just killing a common mule deer will only net you around $500.

Hunt deer in game

Rifles and attachments cost almost $800 each, and the unlock area will cost up to $2,500. So it is better for players to earn money by hunting deer to meet the requirements. Also, players should know that Bucks specifically give you more profit. However, hunting only bucks, in particular, could lead to an imbalance in their population.

You have to hunt all animals equally to balance the nature of nature. Moreover, focusing only on female animals will also cause a lot of trouble, as the animal population will drop suddenly.

Tips to earn money faster

We have already told you all about the usual ways to get money the hunter way. However, there is also a method to get money faster in the game, but for that you will have to do some things. Below we will explain the whole method clearly, so check it out.

In-game map
Map to see the location of campsites

The first thing you need to do is get a level 5 shotgun, otherwise this method won’t work. You now need to move to a campsite above ground, and you will need to click on the campfire and change the time.

Now every time you change the time you have to stop and use hunter sense to see if any animals are breeding near you. You will see a herd of big horn sheep or sometimes a mountain goat spawning there. Note that sometimes even changing locations does not generate animals, so you have to try again.

Changing the weather the hunter’s way

This is where the fun begins and now you have to hunt animals with your level 5 rifle. Always aim for the head because it will earn you more money and the success rate of killing the animal is also raised. Shooting animals in other parts of the body will damage their carcass, lowering their value.

hunt animals
Hunt animals for money the hunter way

There you will see both the mountain goat and the sheep, so go for the mountain goat as it will pay a lot. You can repeat the process until you run out of ammo. After that, go to the field and collect the carcasses for money.

Last words

The Way of The Hunter is an interesting hunting game where you have to hunt down different kinds of animals. Moreover, you can earn money by hunting animals and use it later to upgrade your weapons. There are also other ways to earn money in the game, and you can also do this by completing missions. In this article, we have discussed all the ways for gamers to get in-game money.

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