What Happens In Elden Ring When You Kill The Tutorial Boss

Elden Ring players get a nice reward if they actually beat the “Grafted Scion”, a tutorial boss that players aren’t supposed to beat.

At the beginning of Ring of Elden, player characters wake up in a windswept, cliff-perched complex called the Cathedral of Anticipation, where they can walk around, get used to the game’s motion controls, and be instantly mauled by a grotesque creature at several arms called the Grafted Scion. In true Soulslike lore, the first enemy encountered in Ring of Elden is almost (but not quite) impossible to defeat. Players who manage to beat the Grafted Scion on their first try will receive the enemy boss armaments as a well-deserved reward – a weapon and shield with interesting skills and intriguing lore in their item descriptions.


In the original and remake versions of Demon’s Souls, In Software’s first Soulslike RPG, players were dropped into a starting dungeon of soul-hungry foot soldiers and blue-eyed demonic knights – easily defeated enemies that eased players into the game’s combat system. Then they received a rude awakening in the form of a boss called Vanguard, a giant, blobby, axe-wielding demon capable of slaying new Demon’s Souls PC in one fell swoop. Following SoulslikeRPGs including Ring of Eldenwould also use deadly shocking tutorial bosses to shock players and encourage them to approach future enemies with more awareness.

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The Scion graft bosses that players encounter in the tutorial area of Ring of Elden is actually a mini-boss later encountered in Stormveil Castle’s Legacy Dungeon – a warped abomination created by grafting the limbs of dozens of Tarnished Warriors onto a single human body. When player characters are defeated by this creature’s multiple swords or screech attacks, they are thrown into a ravine, encounter Melina and the horned horse Torrent in a cutscene, and then progress through a much more manageable tutorial level before entering the Limgrave area (the region first seen in Ring of EldenNetwork test of). Therefore, players only have one chance to defeat this terrifying and difficult to read enemy, acquiring 3200 runes and two cool items if they triumph on the first try.

Elden Ring grafted scion boss drops ornamental straight sword as a reward

Players who have defeated his many-armed, hard-to-beat tutorial boss in Ring of Elden Receive the Ornamental Straight Sword, a pair of one-handed blades with crescent hilts and golden hilts. They can be used effectively by any Ring of Elden starting character with strength 10 and dexterity 14 and has a special weapon skill called “Golden Tempering”, which coats the Twin Blades in golden magic and unlocks a new set of lightning-fast blows.

The item description reads: “Slender straight sword inspired by an ancient ornament. Superior swordsmen prefer to wield one in each hand. After falling out of favor, the dregs of the golden bloodline sought power and purpose in the past.” Although “the dregs of the golden line“could be a reference to the tarnished protagonists of Ring of Eldenthey could also easily refer to the grafted descendants of Stormveil Castle and their master, Godrick the grafted.

Elden Ring Grafted Scion Tutorial Boss Drops Golden Beast Crest Shield

After killing the tutorial boss, new players to Ring of Elden also receive the Golden Beast Crest Shield wielded by the Grafted Scion, a large shield without a weapon skill (allowing players to use their weapon skill without grabbing it with both hands). Description of this item: “Matte gold shield with an engraved beast as its crest. Lighter than most large shields, and therefore easier to handle. The beast depicted is Serosh, an aged counselor who guides the golden bloodline.”

In the game world of Ring of Eldenthere is indeed a beast carved into the face of this shield, a griffin eerily similar to the eagle-clawed lion creature seen in the official Ring of Elden portrait of Godfrey, the first Elden Lord. If that creature over Godfrey’s shoulder is the same Serosh from the shield’s item description, he may well have been a sentient, talking animal – an architect of the Golden Order who became looked after the Demigod children of Godfrey and Marika and despaired when they finally turned around. .

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